Short Term Rental Accommodation

Smoke Alarm rules governing short-term rental accommodation in NSW have changed, effective from 1 March 2022.

Here’s how the new policy impacts smoke alarm safety requirements.
For all dwellings:

Smoke alarms must be installed
  • In every hallway associated with a bedroom, or if there are no hallways, in an area connecting the bedroom to the rest of the dwelling.
  • In every storey of the dwelling.
  • On or near the ceiling.

Smoke alarms must comply with AS 3786
  •  Except where the placement is likely to cause ‘false alarm’ activation.
  • In which case an alarm deemed suitable in accordance with AS 1670.1 may be installed provided there are AS 3786 compliant alarms installed elsewhere in the building.

Smoke alarms must be powered by the mains electricity supply or by a nonremovable battery with a minimum 10 year battery life.

*All smoke alarms must be interconnected.

Where the property is already compliant, Landlords will be charged our regular $99.00 annual service fee.


  • Install or replace of 1 x 10 year
  • lithium battery smoke alarm
  • *pricing includes annual fee


  • Install or replace 4 Smoke Alarms
  • to make compliant
  • *pricing includes annual fee


  • Install or replace 5 or more
  • Smoke Alarms - Price on application
*All prices are inclusive of GST